Spiritual Sex Tip for the Day – A Valentines’ Day Campaign Special:

emotional connection

Feeling an emotional connection with the one you love is the key to mind-blowing orgasms. This Valentines’ week, and of course as often as we can, let’s make sure that our partners feel sexy and appreciated. Quickies are fine when pressed for time, but set aside one night a week to take the time to emotionally connect with your life.


Sit opposite each other, and just stare at each other. Smile, and match your breath. Then hold hands, and go with the follow. The results of this exercise are overwhelmingly positive.

emotional connection1

Looking for more tips to ignite your sex, hence love life, read the book: Becoming a SEX CEO on a Spiritual Level. This is also an amazing book can be given as a special gift to your loved ones.

PP_Native_Cover_4564509_Front Cover

Check it out at http://www.amazon.com/1494703858

Love and light

Dr. Jacinta Mariah

Published Author, Speaker, Counselor / Success Coach


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