Sex Tip for the Week: Conflict Resolution and Reverse Role-play:


If you are honest with yourself, you will discover that there are two primary phases in most people’s sex lives; the sex you have before you get into a relationship (I call it mind-sex,) and the sex you have after. The sex you have before you get into a relationship is normally in the mind. We all have fantasies of what we can do, how we can do it, and how special we can be. Everyone thinks they are pros until they get into a relationship and then realize that it is more than just having a hot body to keep things rocking. Good sex is more than just being physical. It takes a deeper connection. It is not just wishful thinking. 


Since “mind-sex” is usually not the one we brag about to friends at brunch, that’s how I come into the picture.

This week’s sex tip is about two things:

1. Communicate: solve any conflicts; talk about, and through things to ensure that you are not holding anything back, or angry with each other. 


2. It’s time for role-play for the ladies.

Question 1: Is your guy the aggressive type who likes handling everything in your relationship?  Great! Tie him to the bedpost.

Question 2: Is he on the shy side and lets you call all the shots? Even better! Hand him some bondage tape and tell him to take over.

Remember that most people like to play a role in bed that’s not what they play in real life.


Have fun and remember to stay safe. Please use a condom if you are not sure. 


Becoming a SEX CEO on a Spiritual Level, is a book that will get you face to face with your sexy-self. You will get to understand some if not most of the factors that could be impacting your sex-life. You may get your copy from or


Love and light


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