Stale Sex in a Relationship: Sex Tip for the Week:


When sex goes into shambles, marriage can be miserable. Though we cannot change our sex organs (at least not without great expense and difficulty,) we can change the way we express ourselves. We can include other activities that will add value to intensify the experience. We can create our realities by utilizing tools and techniques to rebrand ourselves into nothing less than electrifying sexual beings. It all comes down to thinking outside your mental comfort zone, and kicking out all limitations and beliefs about what is indecent or unacceptable to society, peers, or social groups.


We must remember that relationships are individual entities, not subject to convention or agreement by committee. Good sex requires a strong bond, love, and trust for one another. Always remember, we are more than just the physical. We exist on other planes as well, and must thoroughly cleanse our internal limitations, constantly keeping an open heart and mind.

Okay here we go:

SEX- Tip of the week for the ladies:

Beyond deep-throating and watching your teeth, the biggest trick to making blow-jobbing better is to add a secondary sensation to intensify the experience.


Caress the balls, stroke his chest, run your nails up his thighs. Remember that the skin really is our largest sex organ. I also recommend bringing a man to the verge of climax, then backing off and starting all over again.


In my book Becoming a SEX CEO on a Spiritual Level, you will get the details of how to finish him off; what to do with yourself, and how to make him feel special.



Jacinta Mariah, PhD

Author, Qualified Speaker, and Coach




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