Sex Tip of the Week for Lovers.

Sex is one of the greatest motivational forces in life. Our sexual impulses control so much of what we do, how we act, and the choices we make. But if not properly harnessed, they can lead to great destruction. Sexual energy is what drives this urge. It is a life-energy. The vibe we give off when we interact with others; the way a woman speaks or the way a man glares; a mode of communication that transcends even the intellectual and emotional realms of human interaction. It is a force that we feel.

Yet even then, we need to tap into this sexual force, to get creative in order to keep ourselves and our partners/lovers excited about the sexual experiences we offer. Considering that all consumption is impacted by the law of diminishing returns to some degree, we are not exclusive of this law.
In this week’s article, I will share a sexual tip, which although simple, will infuse your sexual experiences with excitement. This tip is applicable to both male and female parties in any relationship.

Here we go:

Give your partner an inner thigh massage, with hot essential sexual massage oil.
Rules of Engagement.

– Buy a sensual massage oil that you haven’t used before
– Ensure to have the evening-shower together. Take lead to bathe, scrub and rinse your partner during the shower.
– After bathing your partner, towel them dry.
– Don’t make anything seem obvious or planned.
– Position yourself in a comfortable place, and begin the massage.
– Ensure to put on slow, soothing music, and better still, light a candle.
– Go with the flow.

In Becoming a SEX CEO on Spiritual Level, my most recently published third book, I administered major research to establish what couples can do to keep their sexual connection ablaze. You can get a copy of this New York-Best-Seller in-the-making, on everyone’s lips, from

Love and Light
Jacinta Mariah, PhD
Qualified Speaker, Author and Spiritual Healing Facilitator

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