The Twists of Strategic Sex:


When people get involved for purely strategic reasons, leaving emotional and/or psychological needs out of the equation, that is strategic sex. Strategies are usually planned in advance to lure the target into sex. One example is the sex worker who sells their “goods” as a source of income while satisfying their clients’ needs.


Many people believe they have nothing else to offer but what’s between their legs, so they trade sex for favors. It’s the sexual barter system, a mental game that completely excludes love. I call it manipulative sex, since one of the parties manipulates the other, pretending to be in love (or lust). They give you what you want (sex) to get what they want.



Why do people give up themselves for such mental and psychological blackmail?

Do you know anyone who knows someone with the preceding attitude? Maybe?

How do you know if your partner is just having strategic sex with you?



In my new interesting book – Becoming a SEX CEO on a Spiritual Level, I take my readers through the factors that contribute to strategic sex; how one can to re-route their sexual energies into love; and how to set up one’s sexual standards in order to stop committing those sex-related misdemeanors.


Check it out on or Amazon at (

Love and light

Jacinta Mariah, PhD. 

Author, Qualified Speaker, and Spiritual Healing Facilitator.


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